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fireflies in timelapse, photos by (click pic) vincent bradytakehito miyataketsuneaki hiramatsu and spencer black


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'When Marnie Was There' Official Japanese Trailer

Or you can view the 1080p version here.

English translation:

Anna: In this world, there’s a magic circle that no one else can see. There’s an inside and outside to that circle, and I’m one of the outsiders. But that doesn’t matter. I… hate myself. 
Text: I’m waiting for you at that creek. Forever… 
Text: A work by director Hiromasa Yonebayashi 
Text: Omoide no Marnie (When Marnie Was There) 
Marnie: Are you OK? 
Anna: Yeah. 
Anna: Are you really a human? You look exactly like the girl who appeared in my dream… 
Marnie: Dream? This isn’t a dream. 
Marnie: Hey, please promise me. Let’s keep our friendship a secret. 
Anna: Yeah. It’s a secret. Forever. 
Text: I love you so much. 
Anna: Marnie… That’s too cruel! 
Marnie: Anna! My beloved Anna! 
Anna: Why did you leave me!? Why did you betray me!? 
Marnie: Anna, please! Please tell me you forgive me! 
Anna: Of course I forgive you! I like you! Marnie! 
Text: Omoide no Marnie: When Marnie Was There

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Minori’s Stunning Eye Makeup

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Favorite Ghibli Soundtracks - 1, 2, 3 

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NANA’s things {2/~}

Minimalist meme

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